Christinique Saunders

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Growing up as a child, I would always get agitated with seeing persons even family members litter, which would land that person a lecture on how cleanliness is the route to go, thus came about my platform of national pride. My life ambition would be to educate more people, nationally on the negative effects of not keeping pride in our Bahamas.


My hobbies include reading, kayaking and playing flag football in my leisure time. MY BEST ASSETS ARE: I think my best assets would be that I’m very outspoken when needed, open minded in situations, and my legs, because, who doesn’t like long legs?

MY DAILY BELIEFS ARE: My daily motto and beliefs in life would be to do everything through the strength of God, having a personal relationship with Christ has a really big impact on my life.

BOOK WITH THE MOST INFLUENCE ON MY LIFE: The book that has the most influence on my life would be P.S I love you, because it shows that even after death, whether it be a significant other or relative they would always want you to strive for your goals and not let any obstacles hinder you from achieving that.

WHO WOULD I MEET AND WHY: I would love to meet every modern-day celebrity feminist one day because it would be a good experience to understand their views on various world topics. I AM MOTIVATED BY: My motivation to get through each and every day of my life would be my mother, seeing the battles that she has fought for my family is inspiring.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE THE JUDGES TO KNOW ABOUT ME: I would like the judges to know that I’m just a young woman, looking to make a positive impact in this world, whether it is international or national, and I’m determined in doing so.

MY COMMUNITY SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE: I’ve spent a total of two weeks doing volunteer work at the Dolphin encounters, I’ve also helped at Bahamas National Pride and A local beauty salon called Elites beauty salon. DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: If I had to describe myself in three words, I couldn’t because narrowing it down to just three words would be belittling and I am so much more than just three words


Christinique Saunders

Height: 5’4.5 Weight: 113 lbs Waist: 25″ Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown


2012 Best Model 2012 Benelux Model Awards 2015 Asia Model Award