Kennitha Myya Hart

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  • To obtain degrees and certifications in my chosen field of study and to successfully complete tertiary education abroad.
  • To establish my own orthodontic centre and to be a dependable source for those seeking assistance in that area.
  • To uphold my morals allowing me to be a paragon of excellence in the eyes of many.


Hobbies: I enjoy reading and writing, photography, dancing, singing and exercising in my spare time.

My Goal(s) in life (something you are trying to reach or achieve):

  • To continue my strong relationship with God and maintain it through the entirety of my life.
  • To be able to ALWAYS maintain a close-knit relationship with my family.
  • To gain more knowledge and information, not solely by formal education, but by life’s experiences.
  • To continue to dominate leadership positions held and to accept opportunities that may aid me and that could possibly assist others.
  • To be able to live in contentment and comfort.


My best asset: My drive can be considered my best asset because it is that one thing that differentiates me from others, considering the fact that it allows me to acknowledge pursuit and achieve all of my goals whilst being determined no matter the predicament.

My Daily Belief Is: “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, ALL things are attainable.” – Thomas Foxwell Button   A movie/book that influences me:

The movie that influences me is “42”. This movie influences me because the protagonist “Jackie Robinson” faced a number of challenges, aside from racism, in his journey to becoming a great baseball player, however, despite these challenges, he always overcame them, and this allowed him to be better each time, eventually becoming one of the first ever greatest baseball players in history. This enables me to see that no matter what the circumstance may be or the challenges one may face, it is better to have perseverance, strong will and go-getter mind-set that allows one to not give up no matter how many times one fail.

Who I would like to meet and why:I would like to meet Zendaya Coleman, not only is she strikingly beautiful, talented, smart and a fashion icon, but, she has a heart of gold and a big voice that sets her apart from any other young star and she inspires many, including myself. I am motivated by:

My parents. Being the eldest child I am exposed to the reality of challenges families face and I am aware of the struggles and sacrifices made to ensure that my siblings and I have the best. Through the entirety of my life my parents ensured I had everything I needed; I am not spoiled, but most of the things I want. They’ve instilled values and fundamentals for me and others over the years, I’ve gained and maintained their trust and I am forever thankful for my loving and motivating parents.   What I would like the judges to know about me: I would like the judges to know that I am a strong, ambitious and a jovial young lady.   My community service and achievements:

In the span of 3 years I’ve completed 38 hours of community service, at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, the Elizabeth Estates Police Station, and Marathon Bahamas and The Susan G. Komen: Race for The Cure for 2 consecutive years. (2015 and 2016) Each hour of service I have done was such an exhilarating experience as I was able to do something that I enjoy and that is to help and make others happy with my work.   Describe yourself in three (3) words:

I am kind, ambitious and disciplined

I am kind because I am very friendly to others and helpful to those that seek it, additionally, I am always considerate in my conduct to others, no matter the individual.

I am ambitious because I am aggressively passionate when it comes to my goals by persevering, putting in hard work and achieving loads of success.

I am disciplined because I know how to control my behaviour and maintain my composure in any situation faced. I pay keen attention to any instruction, advice or criticism given.


Kennitha Myya Hart

Height: 5’4.5 Weight: 113 lbs Waist: 25″ Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown


2012 Best Model 2012 Benelux Model Awards 2015 Asia Model Award