Donelle Curry

MBT 2018

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’5 WEIGHT: 120 lbs


Life’s Ambition:

My like ambition is to be an equitable person, to be successful, to live my life to its full extent. I want to be financially secure to be eligible to buy my own home to provide for the people I would love to further my education and lastly to be the first individual in my home to attend university to study culinary art.

My goals in life:

My goals in life are to be confident. To improve my body language and to get along with others this is truly important to me, to be more proactive in life and to ignore limitation and become more resilient. I aspire to become a chef and an international well known model.

My best asset is:

Firstly, love and my mom is my greatest asset. Next, would be my ability to present myself as a natural model without effort, my smile gets complimented a lot so my smile.

My daily belief:

My daily beliefs is too walk in faith, stay strong minded, to act according to what I believe is right. To present myself with a smile despite any negative emotion I may feel. Lastly to believe I can do all things through Christ.

The movie/book that most influence my life:

The movie that influence my life was the “After Life” it taught me not to take life or people for granted

Who would I like to meet and why:

I would like to meet Lupita Nyong’o I admire her skills and the way she represent a true black woman across the red carpet each time. She is bold and represents black culture. She gives me confidence to rock my natural hair and to feel beautiful as a young black lady.

What would I want the judges to know about me:

I would want the judges to know I am Donelle which means a world leader. I am young youthful and full of excitement. I want the judges to know that if given the title Miss Bahamas Teenager I would fully represent it to the fullest. I want the judges to also know I love eating, shopping, and trying new things.

My community/achievements are:

I’ve achieved in making myself a better person than I was before. I’ve started to come out of my shell and to be more outspoken and have gotten better in school.

Describe yourself in three words:

Intelligent I believe that I am because I’m a quick learner and a very understanding person Divergent because there’s no one else like me and there’s only one me Amusing because I can be very funny at times and just be full of life


Donelle Curry

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’5 WEIGHT: 120 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown