Hope Stubbs

MBT 2018

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’6 WEIGHT: 129 lbs


Life’s Ambitions:

As we like to say ’yesterday is history but tomorrow is a mystery’ it is the same with life. We are uncertain of where it will lead but I have a few ambitions that I am sticking to. Firstly, is to win this pageant and be crowned Miss Bahamas Teenager! Secondly, follows my desire to become an established trauma/orthopedic surgeon and lastly, to commence my own medical practice.


I absolutely hate being idle, therefore, I adopted a few hobbies. They include: reading, writing poetry and drawing. I also enjoy playing soccer and volleyball.

Goals in Life:

Life without goals is a life with no direction. My goals in life are:

To get and remain closer to God.

To always be a role model for younger ladies and to be a helping hand to those in need.

To become financially stable for both myself and my family.

To always stay positive despite the circumstances.

Best Assets:

Physically speaking it would have to be my elf-like ears and my full lips. However on a personal level my best assets are my selflessness, as I always put others needs before mine, and my addictive personality.

My Daily Belief is:

Procrastination kills.’ I have come face to face with procrastination on many occasions, and what I took from it was not to put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today.

The Book That Most Influenced My Life

The Laws of Life by John Templeton. This book is filled with very profound and meaningful quotes and explanations. In addition it helps with spiritual and mental growth.

Who Would I Like To Meet And Why:

If I had the opportunity to meet anyone it would absolutely be Onika Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj. Why because she is amazing. Nicki is bold, she is beyond beautiful, she is the Queen of Rap and most importantly she always encourage and uplift young ladies.

I Am Motivated By:

My fear of idleness. When being idle precious time is being wasted, time that I can use to further my success or to make a difference. In addition I am strongly motivated by my family.

What I Would Like The Judges To Know About Me Is:

That looks are sometimes deceiving; although I may seem timid I am a fun spirited individual, a fun spirited individual who is driven to win the crown and be a voice and an example for all young ladies.

My Community Services and Achievements:

Governor’s General Youth Award

Math Clinic

Sports Statistician

Aquinas College Lenten Tea

Serving at the 2017 Holy Bazaar Fair

Preparation of food for Aquinas College 2017 Steak-Out

Describe Yourself In Three Words:

I would have to say that I am Open-minded, Ambitious and Unique.


Hope Stubbs

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’6 WEIGHT: 129 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown