Kassiti Capron

Regency Contestants

Name: Kassiti Capron Age: 12 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Height: 5ft 2 inch Weight: 108 lbs

Name: Kassiti Capron

Age: 12



Life’s Ambition: My life’s ambition is to become a chef because I want to cook for my mother when she becomes older. I also want to become the owner of a restaurant.

Hobbies: My hobbies are track and field, specifically the 800 and 1500 meter races, doing high jump and swimming the 50-meter race. I also love cooking and arts and craft because they can help to describe me.

My goals in life: To compete at the Olympics for track and field races such as the 800 and  1500 meter and high jump. I also want to become an Olympic swimmer and lastly a professional chef.

My best asset is:  my mother because she encourages me to do my best and she is very helpful in everything.

My daily motto is: “I can, I will and I must” because this inspires me to think positively and this results in me becoming more confident and proud in whatever I am doing.

The movie/books that most influenced my life: The book that most influenced my life is “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. This is because the book teaches me to think positively which results in me putting my best effort in everything that I do and living a happy life.

Who I would like to meet and why:  I would like to meet Maya Angelo although she is deceased. This is because her writings inspire me to not listen to negativity or people who dislike me and be confident in myself.

I am motivated by: my imagination. This is because by thinking that I am achieving my goals, it helps me to know how I am going to carry out my goals and by doing this, it makes me be more confident that I can do anything.

What I would like the judges to know about me is: that my favorite color is purple, one of my many talents is contortion and my favorite subject is Spanish because I travel to Spanish speaking countries and I need to understand what is being said.

My community service/achievements are: In the fourth grade I became one of the founders of “KP Cares” which stands for Kassiti, Keanna, and Penelope Care. In this alliance, we would raise money by selling books and snacks to the students and donating the money to The Red Cross.

Describe yourself in three words: Creative because I find different ways to solve problems. I am also beautiful because I believe I look good and confident because I am proud of who I am.