Lynique Azaria Rolle

MBT 2019

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’7 WEIGHT: 137 lbs



My Life’s ambition is to go off to college, where I can take on the commission of pursuing music and modelling, and maybe someday in the future taking on a bigger responsibility of launching my own beauty store.  

 HOBBIES:   My hobbies are recording YouTube videos, singing, dancing, and watching videos on hair tutorials every once in a while.

MY GOALS IN LIFE:   My goals in life are to become a successful businesswoman, and later on in the future to help out with adoption services, so that I can take a child out of the inflexible lifestyle, that he or she has not endorsed off.

MY BEST ASSET IS: I’d say my greatest asset in life would be my height. I am 5″7, and everywhere I’d go I’d get recognition, and to me I’m starting to accept it because, I feel as if I can be a great role model for girls who are insecure about their weight, I’d feel good about myself and start to accept how I look, and not be worried of how others would look at me  

MY DAILY BELIEFS IS: My daily belief is if you put your mind to something you can achieve it, not only by dictating it but taking steps to actually fulfil this belief.

THE MOVIE/BOOK THE MOST INFLUENCE MY LIFE: I’d say the movie that most influenced my life would be “Surviving Compton”, I chose this movie because this movie opened my eyes when I watched this young woman giving the audience horrific past events in her life which she had been abused from a guy she thought she was in love with who worked in the same industry as her, and he would beat her and no one would’ve stopped so she stopped herself by taking action, by waiting until he wasn’t home one day to pack her things and leave. This gives me a different life perspective to get to know someone first before dating them.

WHO I WOULD LIKE TO MEET AND WHY: This may sound crazy, but I’d like to meet Cardi B. To me Cardi B is an educational black woman, who rose up to the top by herself. She believed in something and she held that belief, and she knew she was going to make it regardless of what people said or thought about her.

I AM MOTIVED BY: I am motivated by mom; she’s like my biggest motivator. Even though I don’t have a father figure in my life, she’s a strong fighter, and manages to make me happy in every possible way, and even when she’s all burned out and isn’t making time for herself, she still manages to put a smile on her face to show us that everything she does is for us. She’s honestly my biggest hero, without her I’m nothing.   WHAT I WOULD LIKE THE JUDGES TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS:   I’d like the judges to know that I’m a go-getter, I stand for something I believe in, like for say someone can tell me something which they think is true, but if I don’t think it’s true I’d stick with my thought regardless of how one feels about me. I’d also like them to know that I’m a 3 point student; I’ve always received good grades, even in my worst subjects.

MY COMMUNITY SERVICE/ACHIEVEMENTS ARE:   One of my biggest achievement for the year of 2018 was passing my BJC’s, I had a hard time in the previous school that I attended, because we were using electronics, so it felt as if I wasn’t learning anything, but when I changed schools I managed to get an A in Bjc math, shocking myself, because I thought I didn’t have it in me.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS:   Loving, Caring, and Understanding


Lynique Azaria Rolle

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’7″ WEIGHT:137 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown