Paige Ed’isha Rahming

Regency Queens

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’3 WEIGHT: 131 lbs


Life Ambitions:

To become a successful multi-business owner and to find innovative ways to change my country.


My hobbies consist of painting, party planning, and promotions also performing the art of makeup

My Goals in Life:

My goals in life are to complete college with a master’s degree in the studies of Electrical Engineering, also to one day be the CEO of BPL or head Engineer for the cooperation. Lastly, to be the first person to introduce alternative ways to save our country millions by using our natural resources to generate electricity.

My Best Assets is:

My personality, my personality is my best asset because it’s who I am as a person. It is my way of connecting with others, and my friendly personality makes myself an extroverted person and being favorable among people.

My Daily Belief Is:

If I work hard now I can relax in the future. I believe this quote because I use it as motivation to get things done and everything that I do can affect my future and has a purpose.

The Movie That Most Influence My life:

The movie “Gifted Hands” has made an impacted on my life because it’s a true story about one of the world’s best Neurosurgeon and it shows that you can do anything you put your mind to. This movie shows that your financial situation

Does not stop your dreams from happening and even if you’re at the very bottom you can still succeed and end up on top.

I Am Motivated By:

The outcome or the result of my hard work, the results of hard work will always be my motivation because I had to become dedicated and persistent to get the results I want to achieve.

What Would I Like The Judges To Know About Me:

I would like the Judges to know that I am the best fit to be Queen of this organization (MBT). I also believe I would be able to complete my duties as Queen of MBT for the whole reign, and as Queen, I would be a Queen of diversity and genuine concern for my community and my country as I would represent The Bahamas on an international stage. I am also very passionate about my platform (Bring awareness to Women in STEM fields) making it known of the importance of my platform for that it is an international issue not only a local problem.

My Community Service Achievements:

I have made it an annual event for my household to donate clothes to the Red Cross for the persons in need. Also, I have participated in the cancer society Christmas events for person’s effect by cancer and I have involved in my churches acts of kindness to our community by starting jeans drive or giving away food for the less fortunate person in our community.

Describe Yourself In Three Words:

OutSpoken, Optimistic and Charming


Paige Ed’isha Rahming

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’3 WEIGHT: 131 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown