Prianna Smith

MBT 2018

AGE: 16 HEIGHT: 5’3 WEIGHT: 115 lbs


Life’s ambition:

To be happy. 

 My hobbies:

Playing soccer and the clarinet or watching movies. 

My goals in life:

The goals I have set for my life is to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry after graduating from college/university with my degree. 

My best asset is:

If I had to choose, l would consider my smile my best asset as it is key in an everlasting first impression. 

My daily beliefs are:

I believe in communication with God through prayer is a necessity.

The movie/book that most influence my life:

 ‘Everything Everything’ because the character can be seen risking everything and stopping at nothing to achieve a goal she had set for herself. It teaches me to never give up and anything is possible if you try. 

 Who would I like to meet and why:

 Oprah Winfrey of course. Not only is she a lady of color like me, but she is not defined by discrimination or racism, and is a prevalent inspiration to many.

What I’d like the judges to know about you:

 I am a well-rounded hard working individual that never gives up and faces every challenge that arises.


Community service/achievements:

clean up campaigns,  soup kitchens and clinical assistance .Over the years I have participated in a plethora of academic and athletic events and held a myriad of leadership positions molding me into who I am today.

 Describe yourself in three words:

Joyful: bringing the best out of everything 

Lovable: easy to get along with 

Forgiving: always willing to give second chances.


Prianna Smith

AGE: 16  HEIGHT5’3 WEIGHT: 115 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown