Reianna Ellis

MBT 2019

AGE: 15 HEIGHT:4’11 WEIGHT: 98 lbs


LIFE AMBITIONS:  My life’s ambition is to become an obstetrician. Working in the medical field has always been a dream of mine, and helping those in need has always been a calling upon my heart.   HOBBIES:   Some of my favourite things to do are, practising makeup looks and going shopping. As well as enhancing my knowledge about science.

MY GOALS IN LIFE:  My goals in life are to always be optimistic and joyous. Not only that, but as well as winning the Miss Bahamas Teenager pageant.

  MY BEST ASSET IS: I would have to say my ability to always forgive. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and should be forgiven. It is the only way to really get through this world filled with hate and strife.  

MY DAILY BELIEFS:  I have control over my emotions, so I control whether I am going to have a good day or bad day. And also, that there is power in the tongue so I should always speak life.  

THE MOVIE/BOOK THAT MOST INFLUENCED YOU:   The movie “I am Malala” influenced my life. This movie was based on a Pakistani young female who stood up for her education and was shot in the head for it. She survived and lived on to be extremely successful in telling her story, and won a noble peace prize for it.   WHO WOULD I LIKE TO MEET AND WHY:  I would like to meet Will Smith because he is a very inspirational public figure and he always speaks life. Not only that, but his personality is great and he is hilarious. I AM MOTIVATED BY:  I’m motivated by a boy who I consider my best friend Adam. He always helps to lift my head up when he sees me looking down. As well as Will Smith, who opens my eyes to life and how it works and can be moulded to my likeness.  

WHAT WOULD I LIKE THE JUDGES TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS: I am a strong, independent young lady who strives for excellence at all times. I work hard and do my best in my endeavours to accomplish my dreams and goals, and I am also academically excelling.

MY COMMUNITY SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE:  I’ve assisted my teachers at school with marking class work and etc. as well as working at Adastra Gardens and cleaning up around the compound.



Reianna Ellis

AGE: 15 HEIGHT:4’11 WEIGHT:98 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown