Rickia Ellis

MBT 2019

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’2 WEIGHT: 110 lbs


LIFE’S AMBITIONS:   To achieve my Master’s degree before I reach 25 years (Bachelorette’s in Interior Design and MBA – Master’s in Business Administration) To become a successful interior designer To start my own company in the real estate business. Start my own charity that targets at-risk youths especially.

HOBBIES: My hobbies are playing soccer, reading (currently reading “The Hate U Give”) helping others, listening to music, and motivating people.


My short-term goals include:   Achieve my high school diploma – complete with a 3.7 GPA Achieve at least 7 BGCSEs (A’s and B’s)

My long-term goals include:   Complete Graduate studies at a reputable higher education institution Become a world-renowned interior designer As indicated preceding, operate a successful real estate business

My BEST ASSET IS:   I am a good listener I am highly teachable (fast learner) Heart – I am very compassionate

MY DAILY BELIEFS ARE:   God is at the helm of my life Do the right, even-more-so, when no-one is around Everybody can learn


THE MOVIE/BOOK THE MOST INFLUENCE MY LIFE:   “He Named Me Malala” simply because this was a documentary that tells a story of a teenager, Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban attack in Pakistan to emerge as a global voice for the education rights of children and a Nobel prize winner.

WHO I WOULD LIKE TO MEET AND WHY:   If I were given the opportunity to meet one of my role models, I would choose Oprah Winfrey because of the momentous struggles she overcame to be who she is today – an epitome of a strong woman.

I AM MOTIVATED BY:   Who motivates me the most is Michelle Obama because of the feat she achieved as a woman of colour – she is a wife, mother, author, and motivational speaker.   My fervent will to bring my goals to fruition.   Barbara Blake-Hannah, who was the first black female journalist on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

WHAT I WOULD LIKE THE JUDGES TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS:   I am a very fun-loving, humble, yet disciplined individual who values and promotes diversity inclusion. I incessantly engage in reflective practice to make better decisions. I consider myself to be a life-long learner

MY COMMUNITY SERVICE/ ACHIEVEMENTS ARE:   I have completed 15 hours at Adastra Gardens where I assisted with taking care (clean, fed) of the animals Read to elderly people at The Good Samaritan Senior Citizen’s Home Honour roll student 9 BJCs (3As – Social Studies, Technical drawing and Religious Knowledge; 3Bs – Mathematics, English Language and General Science; and 3Cs – Spanish, Health Science and English Literature)

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS:   Pulchritudinous, innovative and persistent.


Rickia Ellis

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’2″ WEIGHT:110 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown