Savannah Sawyer

MBT 2018

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’3 WEIGHT: 145 lbs



My life’s ambitions are to form a network through pageantry and become the model, actor and or performing artist that I have aspired to become from a young child. I also plan to use my hard work and victory to help fund my studies at the university where I wish to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science with a minor in Musical Studies. Upon completion of university, I will be able to start my career as a Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Psychologist, and a Musical Therapist. These are few of the things I plan to accomplish in my life’s span.


In my free time I like to dance, sing, play the piano, learn new instruments, play soccer, exercise, write music and write short novels. I also enjoy watching science documentaries that in return educate me about my science goals like becoming a Forensic Scientist and Psychologist. These things are more than just hobbies to me. I try my best to give 110% to everything I do and simultaneously, enjoy every moment of it.


One of my goals in life is to stay engaged in pageantry by competing for different titles for the next two or three years; representing the Bahamas as a respected, well-known ambassador making us known for more than just beautiful beaches and fair weather. I also want to become more than just financially stable. I want to be that example of a person not having to do one occupation for your entire life. I do not want my children, in the future of course, to have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or how they will pay for university. Finally, I want to be a voice for those who suffer with social issues like depression and stand up for women who have been sexually abused. This is something that I am very passionate about and would love to use pageantry as a platform to foster awareness and change.


My best asset is my wisdom gained from my experiences. I say this because any woman can be talented or intelligent. However, it is the experiences gained from being willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things to help make positive impacts which make a more profound young woman. As a well-rounded person for as long as I can remember, you cannot truly know yourself if you do not try new things. You would fail to know your own likes and dislikes.


My daily belief is that there is purpose in each day and you will not find it if you do not go out and look for it.


The Movie that most influenced my life would be Sparkle“. It displayed a life of being trapped in and protected by a parent who would not let you chase your dreams because of their own personal fears. At the end of the day no matter the challenges faced, Sparkle (the star actor) was able to reach her dream and fulfill her purpose. This encourages me to keep pushing to be successful despite any trials and tribulations that I may face.


If I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, I would like to meet Alicia Keys. She is one of the most influential, yet respected black women in the “spotlight.” Though in such a “tough” industry (Music), Keys remains carrying herself with dignity and respect, which makes her one of the only women I can say I look up to and would be anxious to meet.


I am motivated by God and living in the Faith. I do not intend to sound “cheesy” but on a serious note, who’s going to love me more than my God does? When I was down and did not know how to love myself the way I deserve to be loved, my God was all I had and he showed me what true love is. Therefore, I am motivated to live a life pleasing to Him: using my gifts and talents from Him to fulfill my purpose here on Earth.


I would like the judges to know that, a thousand words alone cannot describe me. I am more than what words can express and much more than what meets the eye. I am intelligent, poised, confident, experienced and prepared to represent this organization as their Queen. Through pageantry, I have learnt the true epitomes of being a young woman, how important it is to express that through feeling confidently beautiful and knowing that you are who you are regardless of what society says. Each woman is her own definition of “beautiful” and I have been taught that. Pageantry has taught me proper etiquette and how to carry myself like a young lady that is well presented wherever she goes. With being a titleholder of such an organization, I am sure that I can be a great representative and role model for not just the organization, but my entire country.


During my primary school years, I enjoyed participating in numerous community services. These were revolved around helping the elderly, at nurseries helping the young, and also beach

cleanups throughout the years. I have done other community services such as helping around my church, working along with Sunday school and also coaching young ones for free as a service to my Soccer organization. In the 12th grade, I was the president of my Rotary Interact Club and had conducted a clothing drive and donated to churches nearby as well as the humane society. Following that, I conducted a toy drive and searched for toys in good condition, wrapped the toys and presented them as Christmas gifts to the Children of the Children’s home. I enjoy giving and making others happy. These are reasons why community service is something I enjoy doing all the time.

In primary school, I was a new born star with 1st 2nd and 3rd consecutive wins in poem reciting in the National Arts Festival, dramatic characterization and also an active singer and dancer. I placed 3rd in the Primary School’s District Essay Competition. I have been a soccer athlete for 8 years, an altar server in Mary Star of The Sea Catholic Church for 12 years and an active citizen in my community for as long as I can remember. In primary school I was named the Head Prefect and have graduated as the Salutatorian. Though always falling short as number two, I was chosen to be the next student of the year representative for my school in 2011 and I placed in the semi-finalists.

With continuously crushed dreams and constant failing and trying again, I kept on going. I reigned through my years in high school and became a Deputy Head Girl, speech competition finalist in the annual Junior Achievement speech competition, Interact Club President, Junior Achievement President, named Most Supportive Achiever just to name a few. At the age of 12, my mom constantly begged me to wear dresses and therefore, I decided to enter my first pageant. I was able to embrace self-beauty on my own and placed 1st runner up. I competed in my second pageant at the age of 17 and in my third pageant a few months later I was named Miss Grand Bahama Island Teenager.

Maintaining a positive self-esteem through the verbal abuse and hurtful doings, I have successfully graduated high school with a 3.85 term G.P.A and a 3.50 cumulative G.P.A.

At the University of The Bahamas, I was able to pass all my classes in my first year while being a part of the student Christian movement, Saucy Dance Club, The Leadership Club, Science Club and Glee Club. I have achieved so much in so little time in my life and I will not stop now!


Outgoing. Optimistic. Cheerful.


Savannah Sawyer

AGE: 18 HEIGHT:5’3 WEIGHT: 145 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown