Shanice Toussaint

MBT Queens

Miss Bahamas Teenager Queen 2014 - 2015.


I want to become Miss Bahamas Teenager for several reasons, First and foremost to become that voice for my peers, secondly to become a role model, thirdly, to become a local and international youth ambassador for my country, to impact the communities around me by lending a helping hand at all times, to become a positive public figure, to gain more self confidence, to improve my public speaking skills, on stage presence, cat/pageant walk techniques, poses and to obtain the academic scholarships the pageant organization has to offer. Most of all to gain experience and exposure that I know will enhance my life. I think a true queen to should strive to be and do all of these things.


Shanice Toussaint

Height: 5’4.5 Weight: 113 lbs Waist: 25″ Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown