Shanny Leny Phanord


AGE: 17 years old WEIGHT: 133 Ibs



My life ambitions are to always be happy and live life to its fullest. Secondly, to travel the world with my loved ones, learn another language, go to university to get my degree and notably, be able to provide for my family.  Most importantly I want to learn to play a musical instrument, like the piano and to always minister using the gift God has given me in being able to touch others’ hearts. Last but not least, being able to preach the gospel, helping others to give their lives to Christ and to be a sister and friend to everyone I know.  I want to live my life godly.



One of my favorite hobbies is playing around on the keyboard to make noise but in a musically way. Even though, I’m not a professional pianist nor do I know how to play properly I still play. I always wanted a piano of my own, but because I don’t currently, I mess around with the church piano or my sister’s own. I like to sing as well, singing gives me great pleasure.   My Goals in Life:

Is to inspire people, transform hearts and bring joy, I long for people to feel accepted and valued, and to be loved just as they are. Also to live my life in such a way that when I die people will remember me as she was caring and loving. Moreover to always stay moral despite the immorally act happening around me. In addition enjoy what I do and never look back with no regrets and go to mount Allison and to become someone great in life.  


My best asset is my past experiences in my life and my dreams. This highlights my key point: Life is a capital and as any capital you have to make it grow. Growing it by developing your potential as a human being.


My daily belief is believing that one day all the bad days are going to turn into the good days. I believe that one day I can help to make a change in the world. Where there would be no violence just world peace. Everyone getting along and talking thing through without having to take revenge is something I would like to see someday!   WHO I WOULD LIKE TO MEET AND WHY:

If I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, I would like to meet Celine Dion. Growing up as a child I always wanted to be like her because she started singing at a very young age and all her songs is about her husband Rene Charles. She sings in different language and is popular around the world. Also I would like to ask her some tips about singing because she has that nice breathy voice and few questions about herself. Last but not less perform my favorite song with her “My heart will go on”.


I am motivated by my mother and father. Every day they give me a reason to keep trying and striving towards my goals. Even if no one believes in me and have my back, I know that they do. I know that my parents are always pushing me to be “Great”. On my mother’s sick days she always looks out for me even when she’s off the island. Also motivated by God he has already blessed me with many things it’s like a testimony and he will continue his good work he’s doing with me.  


Shanny Leny Phanord

Age: 17  Weight: 133 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown