Shawnelle Z. Nixon

MBT 2019

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’8 WEIGHT: 150 lbs



My ambition in life to major in biochemistry and become a Health Science Teacher in the Education system


My hobbies include singing and applying make-up.


My goals in life are to graduate high with honours, go to college and earn my bachelor’s degree in Education and become the young woman that God has purposed me to be also to inspire other young women to do the same.


Singing and meeting new people

MY DAILY BELIEF IS: I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the hands of God and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. THE MOVIE/BOOK THAT MOST INFLUENCE MY LIFE: The Bible has influenced me the most in my life because it helps me to understand my purpose and has helped me through tough times.   WHO WOULD LIKE TO MEET AND WHY: I would love to meet Jekalyn Carr because sings a plethora of amazing Gospel songs and she started off her Christian journey at such a young age. I just have a numerous of questions to ask her. I AM MOTIVATED BY: Every day I am motivated by my guardians and Jesus Christ my lord and saviour WHAT WOULD I LIKE THE JUDGES TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS? I would like the judges to know that I am very passionate about being in the pageant and I am Genuine about what I do.   MY COMMUNITY SERVICE /ACHIEVEMENTS ARE: Helping the old people who live in the Naomi Christie home also helping at the Humane Society.   DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: Honest, Beautiful and Bless.


Shawnelle Z. Nixon

AGE: 16 HEIGHT:5’8 WEIGHT: 150 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown