Timeica Shantavia Thompson

MBT 2018

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’5 WEIGHT: 130 lbs


I aspire to pursue a career in social media marketing and/or being a marketing & sales analyst. I then hope to enter the world of politics in the capacity of Minister of Finance, Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture, and Prime Minister. I aspire to be a great investor and shareholder in many successful businesses as well. I also hope to be a part of many organizations that help, train and inspire youth as well as serve as a mentor to young ladies and help them to be successful no matter their circumstances.


In my spare time I usually gravitate towards activities that spark my interest and enable me to learn new things. These involve reading, writing spoken word pieces, watching YouTube videos and surfing between my social media accounts. I also play sports like soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball.


My short term goals are to win Miss Bahamas Teenager 2018 and serve as the best and most impactful Queen ever and go on to win Miss Mundial 2019 all while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and running a social media page or website that can offer advice and tips to help young people nationwide socially, mentally, academically and spiritually.

My long term goals are to advance my Marketing degree to a Masters and graduate from my tertiary studies with Summa Cum Laude. By this time I will also pursue other

Pageantry titles like Miss Bahamas Grand 2020, Miss Grand International 2020, Miss Universe Bahamas 2022, Miss Universe 2022, Miss World Bahamas 2023 and Miss World 2023.


It is my belief that my best asset is my mindset. I am a very intelligent and strong young lady wise beyond my years. I have overcome a lot of hard, painful times that many would have not been strong enough to handle yet I kept my peace in the midst of the storms and remain focus on the great success that is my future. I am honest, mature, respectful, humble and patient and that has gotten me too many places in my young adulthood. I’ve also been able to inspire not only my


siblings but my friends and others around me to never give up and always look at the best that life has to offer.


Just because you have a title doesn’t mean you have authority, authority and respect must be earned all the same…”

“If there is a book you want to read that hasn’t been written you must be the one to write it yourself…”

“You are the only person you can depend on…”

“The fact that you are here means you have a purpose to fulfill…”

“A humble child takes the grace of God…”

“Water cannot sink a boat if it doesn’t get inside…”

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you must get started to be great…”


The movie that most influenced my life I would say has to be the Princess and the Frog. Now it may seem funny to most that a 17 year old still watches cartoons but that particular cartoon has a very strong message. Tiana had all odds against her;

she was BLACK, she was a WOMAN, and she was a WAITRESS. However she never let society keep her down. Although she missed out on going out with her friends and having what most call a “social life” she worked hard for years and saved every penny and kept an attitude of humility, grace and determination that she would one day own the restaurant she and her late father dreamed of. Yes she did encounter disappointments and she had her share of doubtful moments but she persevered and in the end she got everything she dreamed of…AND a handsome prince.


If given the opportunity and a time travel machine I would like to meet the late Maya Angelou. I choose her because the people I look up to today are alive and I am most likely going to meet them later on in my success God’s willing. But a beautiful soul like Maya comes once in a lifetime and her free-spirited, confident poems have enhanced my personal poetic style and have motivated me to share and utilize the gift of spoken word that God has given me. I would love to sit with her and have a conversation about her life; not the times that people know about but the times when life was its hardest and when she was inspired to write her poems. I want to know what got her to the point of writing some of her most powerful pieces.



I am motivated by myself drive to succeed and my compassionate heart that cannot stand to see my country crumble. I cannot sit around and let the upcoming generation suffer the mistakes of my forefathers. I am compelled to bring the change this Bahama land needs and I know that once my homeland is straight I can help the world or inspire someone else to do so. Another motivation for me is my grandmother because she is the epitome of a great woman. She has cared for both her late parents up until their deaths despite being the “black sheep” of 12 children. She has swallowed every blow life has thrown at her and still manage to be a mother to me and my 3 siblings when our mother fell short. She constantly encourages me and does her best to keep peace within the family most would call “broken.” She is

my light at the end of the tunnel and I know that I make her proud everyday but I also hope to be the one person that takes care of her when she needs it the most.


My intentions for this pageant are not to merely wear and crown and look pretty but to reign. During my reign I hope to achieve the many great things I have planned out for my time. I intend to leave a legacy.


As I am a strong believer in giving back I have done over 100+ hours of community service by helping my church teach children’s church, repainting schools like S.C. McPherson Junior High School alongside yep, helping out at children’s home and donating to old folks homes; and I will continue to help my community.

I the resilient young lady I am my accomplishments are far too much to count. However, my dearest accomplishments thus far are:

Being a Public School Scholars Recipient 2018.

Serving as my school’s Debate Team vice president.

Advancing to the semifinals in this year’s y.e.p. speech competition seeing that it was only my second time ever presenting a speech

Being elected as a 2017-2018 district president for Southwest 1 district in the Youth Empowerment Program serving over 172 students in the public and private sector between grades 9-12.


Accompanying the Youth Empowerment Program on Courtesy calls meeting various country leaders such as the Minister of Works, the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Governor General.

Being nominated for 3 national awards for the Youth Empowerment Program; Officer of the Year, Student of the Year and 12th Grader of the Year.

Being a contestant of the Miss Bahamas Teenager 2018 pageant.


Compassionate, Beautiful, Resilient


Timeica Shantavia Thompson

AGE: 17 HEIGHT:5’5 WEIGHT: 130 lbs  Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown